In our teaching staff, you will find a group of motivated and fun people willing to help you. They are fully aware of the difficulty of learning a new language and the variations of learning rates from one student to another.

All our teachers are highly qualified native speakers, with specific training in Spanish teaching to foreigners and many years’ experience in a wide range of different fields (universities, academies, companies, secondary schools).

Our coordinato team is builded by:

Luis Cueto

Luis Cueto (1975), coordinator of the Spanish foreign language section and EdE teacher

He is a graduate in Romance Philology. In his over 15 years of ELE teaching experience in France, Italy and Spain, he has conveyed his passion for language and culture in his classrooms, translations, and in pedagogical content he has designed and developed himself.

His communicative method, his open-minded attitude, and his solid understanding of the mechanisms of language, as well as his materials and digital tools, make learning Spanish in class with him both interesting and fun.

He has worked at the University of Ferrara (Italy), in secondary schools as a Spanish reader, and in various private institutions devoted to ELE teaching. He is also been a DELE examiner since 2003. Additionally, he has conducted ELE teacher training and has taught Spanish in companies from a wide variety of business sectors.

Patricia Ruiz

Patricia Ruiz (1981), coordinator of didactics and technology and EdE teacher

She is a graduate in Spanish Philology and has worked at prestigious private schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Gdynia (Poland). She was a reader of Spanish MAEC-AECID at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam). She has also been a one-to-one Spanish teacher in private companies and institutions. Additionally, she has imparted courses for teacher training and has tutored trainee teachers several times.

She offers in her classes innovative, dynamic, and motivating lessons, and also encourages collaborative and creative work amongst her students. She specializes in Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language and for immigrants in non-formal contexts.

She also holds a master’s degree in Literary Studies. Throughout her professional career, she has been trained in the use of digital tools and environments, and whiteboard. She is also an accredited DELE examiner and has repeatedly presided over the board of examiners.

Patricia Fontán

Patricia Fontán (1979), coordinator of Culture and EdE teacher

She has a degree in Spanish Philology and completed her master’s in Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language. For her master’s thesis, she worked on the implementation of cinematic sequence of ELE activities.

She has experience in creating pedagogical materials and in the use of online educational platforms. In addition, aside from working as ASILIM Spanish teacher and at International House, she has imparted one-to-one courses in a wide range of fields. Besides, she has educational background and experience as a translator (English / Spanish) and as a proofreader of both literary and technical texts.

Her enthusiasm and passion for the Spanish language and culture is reflected in her very enjoyable and rewarding classes and also in her devoted work as a teacher.